The first OPC Unified Architecture Book, written by Wolfgang Mahnke, Stefan-Helmut Leitner and Matthias Damm one of the co-founders of ascolab.

OPC UA Security Analysis

The German BSI (Bundesamt für Informationssicherheit) has published security analysis for the OPC Unified Architecture standard. ascolab has supported the testing and analytics procedures with in depth know how on the OPC UA technology.

Erlangen, Germany - April 26, 2016 - The Tuev-Sued Rail was contracted by the BSI to perform a security analysis on the most popular Industry 4.0 communication standard OPC Unified Architecture.

The security analysis has covered the OPC UA Specification itself from a systematic, theorecical viewpoint, plus the analysis has coverd one of the OPC UA implementations, in this case the ANSI C OPC UA Stack (reference stack provided by the OPC Foundation to all their members). During the project Tue-Sued has performed fuzzy testing on the C-Stack implementation. Found issues were reported to the OPC Foundation to be fixed accordingly.

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See document (english) for details PDF.