The first OPC Unified Architecture Book, written by Wolfgang Mahnke, Stefan-Helmut Leitner and Matthias Damm one of the co-founders of ascolab.

Success Stories of satisfied Customers

Consulting and Training @ Rheinzink GmbH & Co.KG

The two day OPC Workshop included consulting on application development. Based on exemplary code in VB.Net the fundamental design of an OPC Client were worked out. Additionally the installation and configuration of the "SimaticNet" OPC Servers (Siemens AG) were integrated in the course to meet the customer requirements.


Consulting and Service @ Austria Metall AG

Within an application consulting a concept for implementing an OPC Data Access Client in VB.Net was worked out. Based on an exemplary implementation the basic functions were discussed and the fundamentals for future developments were defined.


Training @ Total Fina

The ascolab GmbH held a two day OPC workshop in Milford Haven, Great Britain. Directly on the premises of the refinery the employees learned the functionality of OPC interfaces. The vendor independant course on Data Access (DA) was enhanced for Alarm & Events (AE) and Historical Data Access (HDA), thus it exactly met the requirements of Total.


Architecture and Development @ Siemens AG

For testing the configuration interface of the OPC DX Server "SimaticNet" within the system test department a test client was developed that provides full functionality of the interface. Additional tools for stress- and performance tests were developed to complement the test environment.


Architecture and Development @ OPC Foundation

Contracted by the OPC Foundation the ascolab GmbH developed the certification software for the OPC XML-DA interface. This fully automated test validates all functions including all possible parameter combinations to insure an equal behavior on the interface level. The test module was integrated into the existing Compliance Test Tool (CTT).


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