The first OPC Unified Architecture Book, written by Wolfgang Mahnke, Stefan-Helmut Leitner and Matthias Damm one of the co-founders of ascolab.


Siemens first OPC UA Server

Erlangen, Karlsruhe October 01, 2008 - The ascolab GmbH supports Siemens during development of their first OPC UA Server. For the family of products named SIMATIC NET (CD 2008) Siemens has released the first OPC UA enabled server for the S7-protocol. This UA Server is a new development and was build working closely together with ascolab GmbH. From the design- and planning phase up to implementation and system testing ascolab assisted product origination process with highly qualified services. At first the new OPC UA Server is available for the popular S7-protocol, but PNIO and other protocols will follow soon. An OPC UA connection to controllers of the SIMATIC 300 and 400 series including application identification, user authentication as well as encrypted transmission is seamlessly possible. In the first version the Data Access functionality is supported, an enhancement for Alarms & Conditions is already planned. Therefore SIMATIC NET is the very first OPC UA enabled product of Siemens AG.

SPS/IPC/Drives - Trade Show

Nuremberg, Germany - November 27-29, 2007 . The OPC Foundation presents the new OPC Unified Architecture on the SPS/IPC/Drives at booth 6-130. On the new booth layout OPC member companies show their commitment to UA and present products and prototypes. Focused on functional areas the application of the new technology is shown from the device level through HMI/SCADA up to enterprise applications. ascolab provides technical staff to answer all questions around architecture and implementation. Like in the former years the booth will become a meeting point for experts in communication, standardization and technical enthusiasts.

OPC-UA - First Developer Meeting

Erlangen - September 25-27, 2007. ua_iop_07
First OPC-UA Developer Meeting in Erlangen, Germany
ascolab hosts the worldwide first developer meeting for products of the new generation OPC - Unified Architecture. All together 14 products of 10 vendors are tested. Besides testing new UA products for interoperability another goal of this workshop is to discuss different implementations and verify against UA specifications before they get finally released by the OPC Foundation.

OPC goes embedded - Unified Architecture Conference

Frankfurt - September 20, 2007. uaembedded
OPC-UA goes Embedded
Together with the SPS-Magazin and the OPC Foundation ascolab hosts a one-day conference focused on OPC Unified Architecture in embedded systems. At this exclusive event the advantages of the new OPC generation is presented especially for manufacturers of embedded devices. Presentations of OPC UA implementions in PLCs together with firsthand reports of developers and end-users round out the picture at this exceptional meeting.

Unified Architecture - DevCon2007

Scottsdale, Arizona - June 26-28, 2007. The OPC Foundation hosted a 3-day conference for developers and decision makers. ascolab as sponsor of this event presented technical details of Unified Architecture to an expert audience. As workgroup member of the early days - Matthias Damm - shows insights on software architecture and realization in automation systems and in new applications.

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