The first OPC Unified Architecture Book, written by Wolfgang Mahnke, Stefan-Helmut Leitner and Matthias Damm one of the co-founders of ascolab.


OPC testing in Asia

Singapore - July 19, 2004. The new petrochemicals complex in Daya Bay, south east China, build by CSPCL (joint venture of China National Offshore Oil Corporation and Shell Nanhai BV, Petrochemicals Company Limited) will be powered by four Turbosets (steam turbines with 60MW each) delivered by Siemens Power Generation. During one week of extensive testing of the communication link between the redundant S7-400 PLCs and the Distributed Control System supplied by Yokogawa, the OPC connection was proven for stable behavior even under harsh conditions. For OPC Client and Server the ascolab GmbH consulted and supported during installation and test procedure. The highly reliable link became another success story of OPC usage in a multi vendor environment.

Publication for Hannover Fair

Wuerzburg - April 19, 2004. The ascolab GmbH joined the new special edition of Praxis Profiline "OPC - Edition 2004" published by Vogel Industry Media. This bilingual special edition covers the OPC interfaces starting from technical background going through new technologies like OPC-XML and finally describes the future comming up with "Unified Architecture". Additionally applications in practice are shown, to demonstrate experience in OPC technology and todays success.
The complete article as PDF document: Process Networking (Praxis Profiline, Vogel Medien, Wuerzburg 2004)

IOP Workshop United States

Lake Forest - March 29, 2004. The ascolab GmbH participates in the North American Interoperability (IOP) Workshop in Lake Forest, California. During the event ascolab tested a new prototype of the Compliance Test Tool (CTT) for OPC XML-DA specification against several XML services. The new CTT module for OPC XML-DA will be released soon. The IOP Workshop was hosted by Invensis/Wonderware and attracted 20 vendors form all over the world. More than 50 OPC products were tested to remain compatibility and interoperability of today's and future OPC applications.


Nuremberg - November 25, 2003. eurosclient
ascolab on the EUROS Booth in Nuremberg, Germany
For the first time the German company Euros GmbH showed their "embedded" OPC Server on the exhibition in Nuremberg (Pavilion 7a, Booth 622). Euros, a leading supplier of Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) for various processor types, developed a platform independent DCOM-Stack. As business partner of Euros, ascolab GmbH provided technological consulting, integration support and developed an OPC Client for demonstration shown on the booth.

OPC Unified Architecture - First Meeting

Foxboro - November 3, 2003. Starting from the first meeting, ascolab GmbH participates in the new Working Group dedicated to OPC Unified Architecture. One of the target issues is to define a general architecture for process communication that is platform- and vendor-independent. This architecture will be used to describe future communication standards.

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