The first OPC Unified Architecture Book, written by Wolfgang Mahnke, Stefan-Helmut Leitner and Matthias Damm one of the co-founders of ascolab.


Whitepaper OPC UA Technology

Erlangen, May 2013. The whitepaper on OPC Unified Architecture published in 2010 was updated. The document gives a brief technical overview and short description on the feature rich cross platform communication in industry and beyond to get a common understanding what OPC Unified Architecture is all about. The whitepaper is only available in English language.

See full document here (PDF).


OPC UA enters Building Automation

Erlangen March 2012. ascolab enters into a new initiative to provide connectivity for industrial OPC UA devices and Scada/HMI systems with building automation systems. The goal is to standardize an OPC UA type mapping for the well established communication standards KNX and BACNET and to make their information available in the industrial automation environments. Energy management and production planning systems will be able to combine all information via OPC UA. Building and home automation equipment can be combined with industrial control solutions and can be managed by MES and ERP systems in a consistent OPC UA fashion.

In a first step the OPC Foundation and the BACNET Intrest Group Europe (BIG) agreed on a strategy to combine marketing activities. The technical working group will now create a companion specification that defines the object mapping between OPC UA and BACNET objects.


IEC 61850 on OPC UA mapping

Erlangen February 2012. ascolab started an initiative together with major vendors from the energy supply and distribution to create a mapping between substation automation IEC 61850 and OPC UA. The goal is to map the 92 objects and related attributes within substations consistantly to OPC UA objects.

SPS/IPC/Drives 2011

Nuremberg, November 2011. ascolab participated on the OPC Foundation booth in Hall 9. This trade show is the most important event in the area of industrial automation and stadardized communication technologies in Europe. ascolab presented new OPC UA platform layers for embedded devices and mobile phones.

OPC UA ported on ANDROID

Erlangen, October 2011. ascolab was contracted to port the ANSI C OPC UA communication stack to the mobile platform Android and MeeGo. The wide area of mobile applications on smart phones and tablets take advantage of direct conectivity to industrial devices. The porting was prety straight forward as Android 2.2 is Linux based and already contained SSL library. The OPC UA binary protocol can now be run over wireless and GSM/GPRS connections using OPC UA functionality of subscription based monitoring in a secured, authenticated and encrypted session.

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