The first OPC Unified Architecture Book, written by Wolfgang Mahnke, Stefan-Helmut Leitner and Matthias Damm one of the co-founders of ascolab.


Unified Architecture - Workgroup Meeting in Texas

Austin - September 28, 2005. Despite huricane Rita more than 20 participants of different vendors traveled to the UA Workgroup Meeting in Austin. The capricious weather had no effect on the meeting and the first specifications were published as Release Candidates. To bring OPC Unified Architecture on the road to success as soon as possible the group worked concentrated on the documents.

UA Early Adopter - Workgroup Meeting in Texas

Austin, Texas - September 26, 2005. Ascolab participated in the Early Adopter Meeting. For fast and easy adoption of the new OPC Unified Architecture the OPC Foundation established a working group that engages the development of software components for migration. The goal of this group is the development of an intermediate layer, that easily enables OPC Members the changeover to the new architecture. The broad-based range of todays OPC products is maintained and a downward compatibility is achieved.

Enhanced Certification - Kick Off Meeting in Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio - July 18, 2005. compl_05
Enhanced Certification Workgroup Meeting in Cleveland, Ohio

The new initiative of the OPC Foundation is addressed to high quality, reliability, robustness and interoperability for all OPC products. The goal is to increase the end users confidence and trust in OPC technology by introducing a transparent testing and certification program. Starting from the well known Compliance Test Tool (CTT) and going through Interoperability Workshops (IOP) the certification team works on client and server site verification in independent test facilities all over the globe. By learning form other standard organizations the Foundations certification laboratories will follow fixed testing procedures in defined environment to guarantee reproducible and objective results.

The hotel was evacuated after a fire alarm, luckily the laptops and sandwiches could be saved.


Unified Architecture - Workgroup Meeting in Minnesota

Mineapolis - July 12, 2005. The ascolab GmbH attends in the UA Work Group Meeting together with 15 other developers of major OPC vendors (ABB, Rockwell, Siemens, Iconics, a.o.) the service specification including WSDL and encoding was finished. Solutions for enhanced security are still in progress and will be finished soon. The agreements on UA will lead OPC technology becoming the major communication layer in automation and beyond.

IOP - Interoperability Workshop in Florida

Tampa, Florida - April 25, 2005. The ascolab GmbH participates in the Interoperability (IOP) Workshop in Tampa, Florida. As developer of the certification software (CTT) ascolab attends with the newest XML-DA and HDA test moduls. During this five day event more than 30 vendors with nearly 50 new OPC products are testing against each other. The results of this tests are stored in a database and published in the product catalog on the OPC Foundation web site (www.opcfoundation.org).

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