The first OPC Unified Architecture Book, written by Wolfgang Mahnke, Stefan-Helmut Leitner and Matthias Damm one of the co-founders of ascolab.


IOP - Interoperability Workshop in Florida

Deerfield Beach - May 8-10, 2007. In relaxed atmosphere OPC Client and Server vendors tested their products against eachother to ensure best possible compatibility. In the scope of "Enhanced Certification" ascolab was on site to test OPC Client-Products. With the new test tool "OPC Analyzer" funktion calls of a client can be analyzed and error scenarios can be injected to incerease the stability of OPC-Clients. Products that pass this test qualify for the desired "OPC-Self-Tested" logo.

SPS/IPC/Drives - Trade Show

Nuremberg - November 28-30, 2006. On the SPS/IPC/Drives the two worldwide first "next generation" OPC Servers - OPC Unified Architecture - were presented. The company Beckhoff showed the first UA Server on a PLC (CX1100-Series). The company Euros Embedded Systems demonstrated an implementation on an embedded test board (Big Endian, Power-Arm) running under real time operating system Euros. The base for both implementations was developed by ascolab GmbH. During porting on the different platforms ascolab worked closely together with the development of these companies.

OPC Unified Architecture - 3-day Conference

Munich - October 10-12, 2006. devcon06
OPC UA DevCon2006 in Munich, Germany
In October 2006 the OPC Foundation hosted a 3-day conference in Munich, during this event the new world-wide communication standard for enterprise data communication - OPC Unified Architecture - was unveiled for the leading technologists. Managers, users and developers were presented how the new technology, starting from process- up to enterprise-level, opens up traditional and new application areas.

Unified Architecture - OPC Event in Finland

Helsinki - October 20, 2005. hesinki_05
OPC-Event in Helsinki, Finland
The Helsinki University of Technology was holding an information day dealing with todays and future applications and possibilities of OPC. Matthias Damm, director of ascolab GmbH, was invited as guest speaker and introduced the new OPC technology - OPC Unified Architecture - he explained the arising potentials and demonstrated application scenarios.

IOP - Interoperability Workshop Europe

Nuremberg - October 10, 2005. iop_05
IOP Workshop in Nuremberg, Germany
Siemens A&D (Automation & Drives) hosted the event whose large attendannce beat all records. The opportunity of one week of testing with a large number of OPC products was taken by an increasing number of companies. The information exchange and getting to know eachother was appreciated by developers and testers. The ascolab GmbH participated with the Compliance Test Tool (CTT) and tests were focused on Alarm & Events, DataAccess 2 and 3, Historical Data Access and XML-DA Server to serve more than 16 different firms. Companies like Axeda Systems, Beckhoff, CAS, Infoteam Software, KW-Software, Phoenix Contact, Progea, Technosoftware, Siemens, Wonderware and many more have tested key functions of their OPC client and server products following a matrix to insure compatiblity and interoperability. The workshop is part of the certification program driven by the OPC Foundation.

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